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    Cambridge Preparation Courses (CAE) or (FCE) 


    What are Cambridge Preparation Courses? 
    • Cambridge intensive test preparation programs are for students wishing to take a Cambridge First Certificate in (FCE) or Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).
    • Cambridge classes are 20 hours per week.
    • Cambridge classes can be morning classes from 8.30am to 12.55pm or afternoon classes from 1.05pm to 5.30pm.

    What is the tuition fee?

    • Tuition fee for Cambridge is $4,250 per course. 
    What will I learn? 
    • You will learn familiarisation with FCE or CAE test content.
    •  You will learn test-based skill upgrading.
    • You will focus on your areas of difficulty.
    •  You will learn specific test taking tips.
    • You will receive feedback on practice tests.
     What do I need to enter? 
    • You will need 5.0 IELTS (or equivalent) for FCE.
    • You will need 6.0 IELTS (or equivalent) for CAE.
    If you wish to study in multiple courses, please enrol in your first course only. We will confirm possible additional courses in our offer letter to you.

    Please note: You can combine PDP, ITPGE ESP and Internships with this course. For more information contact our Recruitment Officer.