Stage 3: Summarise Results

In stage 3 you should summarise the results, focussing particularly on the most significant results and making appropriate comments. (You may also have to point out unexpected results.) Beware of stating the obvious as if you have made a great discovery. If your equation is y = kx2, the reader can guess that y increases with x, and that the relationship is actually that y increases with x2. However, you can report that your results are consistent with the published equation.

Very often you will have to present a series of results. In this case, the structure of the results section will be repeated, and you will need to consider the relationships between different sets of results when you are deciding on the sequence in which you will present your results. For example, related results may be presented together, followed by a general comment (result 1, result 2, result 3, comment); other results may need separate comments (result 1, comment, result 2, comment,...).

Click on the exercise icon for an exercise on the structure of the whole results section.
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