Checklist for Writing the Field Trip Report Body

  1. Prepare a master document
    • Is my document formatted according to the style recommended in the “Report Writing Guide for Mining Engineers”?
  2. Prepare a draft table of contents
    • Have I revised the assignment instructions?
    • Have I included enough relevant topics?
    • Are my headings and subheadings in a logical order?
  3. Revise your information and notes
    • Which information and notes will help me answer the following questions?
      1. What is it?
      2. How does it work?
      3. What is interesting or significant about this?
      4. How is this relevant for my client?
    • Do I have all the publication details of my sources?
  4. Write draft sections of the report
    • Have I organised the information and ideas logically?
    • Have I answered the questions in 3) above sufficiently?
    • Are my sentences, grammar, spelling, punctuation and style correct?
    • What information should I keep, change, add or delete?
  5. Seek feedback on your writing
    • When I read my writing out loud, does it make sense?
    • Do my peers understand my ideas?
    • What do my peers think I should improve in my writing?
    • What do I think I should improve in my writing?

Download and print the Checklist for Writing the Report Body

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