Checklist for Writing the Introduction

Use the writing prompts in the table below to prepare draft notes/sentences for each stage of your introduction.

  1. First review the assignment instructions from your course notes.
  2. Once you have written a draft introduction, decide how best to make the sentences flow.
  3. Finally check your writing for clarity, conciseness and accuracy.

Please Note: The stages in the table below are suitable for field reports in mining engineering involving a client. However these stages are NOT suitable for other reports, for example, reports of experiments (e.g. lab reports). Always keep in mind the purpose of your report as this will determine the structure.

Terms of Reference
Who asked for this report and why?


What will the report achieve?


What key topics/sections does the report contain?
What is the intention of each main section?


How is the report limited to specific topics or outcomes?
What is the intention of each main section?


Check your Themes. Are you developing your ideas using Information flow structures?

Check your vocabulary choices. Are they linking your ideas well?

Check your conjunctions. Are they logical?

Check your reference words.

Is it clear what you are referring to with these words?

Download and print the Checklist for Writing the Introduction

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