Reference Conventions: In-text System

Material that is a direct quote must be indicated by quotation marks, “    “, or by setting the material apart from the text. The quote must also be acknowledged with a reference to its source. However, quotations are rarely used in engineering reports.

Where a direct quote is not made, but information is stated (usually in summarised or paraphrased form) which can be attributed to a particular author(s), the statement must also be acknowledged with an in text reference. A properly cited in text reference indicates ‘how’ you know something and enables another person to locate the source publication details in the list of references.

References are cited in the text using a Harvard or author-date system.

Include the author’s family/surname and the year of publication. Use a comma between author and date if both elements are inside parentheses.

References are not shown as footnotes in AusIMM Style.

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