Poetic Injustice

Unlike sporting heroes, great writers like Patrick White and Portugal's Fernando Pessoa leave behind little in the way of memorabilia. Their magnificent ideas are their legacy, writes Jorge Sitorios.

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Defining dishes

A treasure trove of eating rituals, recipes and gastronomic oddities reveals much about American life before fast food and frozen dinners. A review of Mark Kurlansky's The Food of a Younger Land by Gay Bilson

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The day the republic died

Pompey's demise marked the cataclysmic transition from republic to empire–the great Roman age was ending, writes Paul Roche

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From bad to verse

The 19th century is famed for some truly pathetic poetry, writes Kathy Hunt.

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The Return of Ern

Despite his bogus birth, Malley's poetic spirit still lives on, writes Christine Wertheim.

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The Flickering Light Fantastic

Brian Eno may have lit up the Opera House, but neon Sydney is fading fast, suggests Dugald Jellie.

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