Sydney Metro

Sydney down under

Supporters say the CBD Metro is a brave new underground world. Cynics call it a fast train to nowhere. Robert Milliken explores an idea whose time has come.

Clover Moore, Sydney's Lord Mayor, reckons the city's most critical problem is a transport system it has long outgrown. She sees the threat to Sydney's regional standing as a global city coming not from Melbourne or Brisbane but from Singapore or Shanghai, both of which are "pouring billions into new transport".Read more

  • Olafur Eliasson

    Take your time

    Adam Jasper interviews Olafur Eliasson for Sydney Ideas Quarterly

  • Johnny H in a boat

    Howard's place in history

    The final numbers are in allowing us to put the former prime minister's economic performance into perspective, write Rodney Tiffen and Ross Gittins

  • Google Books

    Google's book empire

    The story of books has entered its most tumultuous chapter, writes Adam Jasper

  • Kissing Communists

    When peace got its chance

    The world owes the policymakers of 1989 a debt of gratitude. Their decisions averted catastrophic conflict, writes Coral Bell